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My name is Hailey Joy Miranda Aliff, and I am a trained and certified doula and childbirth educator as well as a full-time student midwife. I offer many services both individually and within packages including labor doula services, pregnancy and newborn photography, placenta preparation and essential oils. I am also a midwife-in-training and have a full-time apprenticeship with local homebirth LM, CPM Emmy Trammell.

Joy Within Birth Services is the result of a long-time dream of mine.  In just a couple of years, I will be a Certified Professional Midwife and more specifically, a very proud second generation midwife! As a young child I followed my momma around Southern California as she delivered many babies in homes. I grew up thinking birth was a beautiful miracle, a sacred event that every person in the family could experience together. Yet as I got older, I discovered that an entirely other childbirthing world existed where the media and society enforced scarce-tactics and convinced many women that childbirth is inherently dangerous, painful and something to be feared.

I went to Millsaps College with pre-med intentions and graduated with my Bachelors Degree of Science in Biology in May of 2011. I spent a good part of my junior and senior years shadowing various OBGYNs in hospitals around the Jackson area. During this experience, I was able to really be a part of the medicalization of childbirth and I quickly discovered that the culture of birth was very different than I knew it to be. Birth could be better. And birth CAN be better! I know this for a fact.

Once I realized that being an OBGYN was not necessarily my calling, I still wanted to play a role in normalizing birth. I then contemplated Nurse-Midwifery which led me on a full-circle journey to now pursuing direct-entry Midwifery. I could not be happier with what I am learning and what I am a part of.

My role as a doula is to help you feel confident in yourself, your body and the birthing process; to help you enjoy your birth experience and to bring you satisfaction in what takes place. My goal is to empower you through your experience by educating you, informing you about the choices you have, and making your birth experience one that you and your family will treasure forever.

Please feel free to browse through the site to discover all that I can offer, who I am, and what I can do specifically for you. You are also invited to browse through my blog to learn even more about me.

With love,

Hailey Joy