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Backup Doulas

Meet Elizabeth


Elizabeth has a Bachelors degree from Southeastern Louisiana University in Interdisciplinary Sciences. She has been married to her husband, Adam, for 4 years and they have 2 children together. She had a water birth with her first child, which is what started her down the journey to becoming a Doula. She realized how unprepared even the most involved parents can feel when it comes to birth and understands first-hand how important support can be in uncharted waters. Her second birth was a perfect homebirth – after this experience, she knew she had to help other families feel the same empowerment. She believes that one of her God given gifts is helping people, this is where she finds true happiness!

She received her Doula training from toLabor (formerly ALACE) and completed their 27-hour program – she has over 90 hours of active labor experience.  Breastfeeding is another one of her passions and between both of her children, she has 40 months experience in this area.  Her goal as a Doula is to help families find their voice and to stand by them while they learn to use it.  Educating, training, and supporting are all things that she loves, and believes that there is no greater feeling than when she can tell a family, “YOU did it!”

To learn more about Elizabeth, visit Sweet Release Doula Services HERE.


Meet Rachel

rachel lut


Rachel Luttrell, a California native; has been awestruck by the miracle of the human body since childhood. A graduate from San Diego State University, Rachel dreamed of working as a Life Coach and Healer. Unknowing how to channel her love for helping, and as a long time Yogi, Rachel pursued a 200 hr. teaching certification through Yoga Alliance. After completing her certification, Rachel fell in love with the new and powerful energy associated with motherhood by working with a pregnant colleague; and eventually took up the study and practice of Prenatal Yoga. She has been teaching movement in many forms throughout her life and has a deep understanding of the body as it transitions through the many life stages. In addition, she has studied the practice of Ayurveda, which has given her knowledge, in natural treatments, diet, health, and nutrition. Married to a wonderful man from Louisiana for 5 years, Rachel arrived to the North Shore a year ago, where she first fell in love with the world of Doulas. She began teaching Prenatal Yoga at a home for young pregnant woman, which opened her to the opportunity to provide support during labor. Completely calm under pressure, Rachel was able to use her knowledge of the body and breathe to ease the labor process. She began to journey into schooling for Doulas shortly after and continues to further her Education by surrounding herself with mentors and educators in the many birthing disciplines. Her goal as a Doula is to empower expecting mothers, and to aid them with unconditional love. She hopes to help couples feel closer and more in love with one another and their new bundle of Joy.  Her focus is to allow birth partners to take an active role in the birthing process, so they too have the opportunity to feel accomplished. Rachel believes that filling the birthing space with love, kindness, compassion, and tolerance is the way to a peaceful and memorable birth. She can be contacted at: or through her upcoming website;