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What should you expect?
Contrary to many expectations, having a doula reinforces the importance of the partner or father’s presence, not negating this role in the birth. A birth partner can participate to his or her comfort level, while also being nurtured and cared for by the doula during this major life transition.

I work to support, educate and advocate for all people who are involved in the birth – mom, baby and partner – by helping with positions, giving massage and aromatherapy, assisting with “aquadurals” (baths or showers), translating information from doctors or midwives, and encouraging mom’s inner guidance and strength. Essentially, my role is to intuitively work with a mother to find exactly what she needs to focus and be present in her birth.

Does a doula take the place of the partner?
A good doula can actually bring a couple closer together during the birth process. By assuring both the laboring mother and the partner’s needs are met (food, drinks, physical and emotional support), a doula helps the couple. A doula helps partners to care for and support the laboring woman by giving suggestions, providing encouragement and giving needed breaks during a long labor as well as offering the right suggestion at the appropriate time, helping the partner use his/her support skills better. In essence, doulas free up the couple to labor together without the stress of partners needing to play multiple roles of advocate, liaison, coach, educator, instead of their most important role of partner and parent.

Are doulas only useful in planning an un-medicated birth?
The presence of a doula can be beneficial no matter what type of birth you are planning. Many women report needing fewer interventions when they have a doula. But the primary role of a doula is to help mothers have a safe and pleasant birth, not to help them choose the type of birth they want. For women who have decided to have a medicated birth, the doula will provide emotional support, informational support and comfort measures through labor. Doulas will help the mothers deal with possible side effects and other needs where medications might be inadequate.

For a mother facing a cesarean, a doula can be helpful by providing constant support and encouragement. Often a cesarean results from an unexpected situation leaving mothers feeling unprepared, disappointed and lonely. A doula can be attentive to mothers at all times throughout the cesarean, letting them know what is going on thought the procedure. This can also free the partner to attend to the baby and accompany the newborn to the nursery without leaving the mother alone.

Finally, since all care providers may not be able to be with you every moment (perhaps at home before going to the birth center or in the rare case of transport), the doula helps parents process the information they need to make informed decisions. A doula accompanies couples through the entire birth journey using her experience and knowledge to help them have a satisfying birth.

Is the payment plan for an emergency Cesarean the same?

Before the birth takes place, I take up a primary deposit of $250.00. This covers my gas expenses and childbirth education during our meetings. After the birth takes place I will collect the rest of the payment plan. Should an emergency c-section take place, it is my own personal belief as your doula to work out a financial agreement with the couple afterwards. Upon your request, I will not leave your side until you are settled in with your baby afterwards.

A labor support professional can enhance the birth experience with additional support for the birthing family at home, birth center or a hospital setting. Please email me to discuss the details of the services I provide for your expectant family before, during and after birth.

In the event that the doula has an emergency and cannot be at the birth, what happens?

My team includes a full-time back up doula in the case of an emergency. One of these two doulas will accompany me to a home visit, most likely the consult. Both women are certified doulas and have had natural births of their own. Please feel free to learn more about them at the BACKUP DOULA page.