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Every day we inhale, touch, and taste harmful chemicals and toxins. Synthetic ingredients are in virtually every item in the home, from cleaning solutions and personal care products to food additives.  That’s why Young Living created these powerful essential oils which work as natural, chemical-free replacements for items you use every single day.

Essential oils are powerful allies that protect us from the ravages of modern lifestyles. Clinical research shows a vast array of healing activities of essential oils. Some of their powerful benefits are listed below.

Are essential oils safe?

These aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants contain chemical components that provide health promoting benefits. Essential oils have been used since biblical times, long before modern day pharmaceuticals with their many cautions. Grade-A or therapeutic essential oils do not contain synthetic or adulterated ingredients can be applied to the skin, inhaled and ingested.

Books on the subject of aromatherapy vary widely in safety suggestions due to three separate models. The German model emphasizes inhalation and dilution. The English model also recommends dilution, but concentrates more on the massage benefits. The French model is specific to therapeutic-grade essential oils because it incorporates topical application, inhalation and oral ingestion.

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