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  Every artist has a unique purpose behind their inherent need to create.  Beyond the artist’s natural gifts and talents, there usually lies a specific purpose that fuels the desire to express oneself creatively.  Browse any number of photography websites and you will find an array of ‘About Me’ sections with the reasons behind why they were captivated by the art of photography in the first place.  Many were handed a camera at an early age from a parent; some explain their desire to ’freeze time’ or obtain a tangible piece of emotion.  Many picked up a camera to shoot pictures of their own children and it developed from a hobby into a business.  The root of my passion is far less sentimental, but it’s what motivates me to do what I love.

In April of 2009, I got married.  In July of 2009, my husband left me and my two children.  I was humiliated, rejected and scared.  Those first few months were rough and dreary, but my faith in my Creator and His purpose for my life saved me from a broken heart.  It took some time, but I finally started to see life in color again.  My renewed sense of purpose brought along a new perspective in how I viewed the world, and I was desperate to somehow translate that into a piece of art.  I had a thirst to capture this newfound sense of beauty in everything that I saw.  I wanted to write, or paint, or sculpt or SOMETHING…. whatever the medium, there was a creative piece in me that needed to be released.  With a few extra bucks in my pocket, I bought a second hand DSLR from an old friend.  Like any novice, it took a LOT of reading for me to figure out how to even work my camera, but once I started, I couldn’t stop.  Most of the pictures I took at first were self portraits, which was very therapeutic.  I not only saw the world in a new light, but myself as well.

Soon enough, I started taking pictures of other people, thus the beginning of my passion for capturing the beauty in others.  We are all so hard on ourselves, forgetting that we are all ”uniquely and wonderfully made”.  Each time I’m blessed with the opportunity to photograph someone, I say a prayer that they are able to see themselves through the eyes of God, and I’m honored for the chance to capture that for them.

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