with Hailey Joy Aliff

What's Included:

  • The Joy Within Birth E- Course (8+ hours of training and education)

  • 7 Training Modules in bite size videos to learn at your own pace

  • 12 month membership to the Joy Within Birth private online community

  • Access to additional resources (recipes, birth plan templates, sample meal plans, and more)

  • Live monthly Q&A's with Hailey Aliff

What is Joy Within Birth?

Joy Within Birth is a VIP community that takes place on the 'Skool' platform which serves as a digital classroom. Members get access for 1 year to Hailey Aliff's most valuable trainings, tips, and resources on all things holistic pregnancy & birth. Within the Skool platform members can access the Joy Within Birth E-Course in the form of a digital library including 7 modules of Hailey's best and most valuable birth content in bite-size videos to learn at your own pace. Members will enjoy the social aspect of this community PLUS monthly live Q&A's. Hailey combines her experience of having 2 supernatural home births of her own plus over a decade of experience as a doula, midwife apprentice, second generation birthkeeper and natural childbirth educator. JOY WITHIN BIRTH is designed to empower, encourage & equip women to have the Joy filled dream birth that they deserve!!

Here is what You'll learn in the Joy Within Birth E-Course:

  • MODULE 1: Nourishing Your Body: A Pregnancy Nutrition Course

  • MODULE 2: Holistic Pregnancy: Activity, Exercise, and Natural Remedies

  • MODULE 3: Nourishing Your Mind: Mindset Training + Emotional Health and Stress Management

  • MODULE 4: Joy Within Birth: The Energy, Flow, and Goals for each stage of Labor

  • MODULE 5: Planning for Your Natural Birth: Birth Planning and Interventions

  • MODULE 6- Joy Within Postpartum: Preparing for the Fourth Trimester

  • MODULE 7- Nourishing Your Baby: Introduction to Lactation with RN, CLC Garen Pido

$597 Early Bird Pricing: $347.00

Hailey Joy Aliff

Certified Doula Instructor

Hailey Aliff is a second-generation birth worker. Attending homebirths as a child, she was drawn to this vocation at a very young age. After getting her bachelor’s degree in Biology, Hailey then graduated midwifery school and launched her doula practice. In 2012 she started Joy Within Birth LLC and began teaching local community natural childbirth classes. Still to this day Hailey educates, empowers, and serves women in this capacity with the mission to help mothers discover joy within childbirth. She is passionate about helping women replace fear with joy in pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Hailey has also served as a health educator and advocate for over a decade and desires to see women thriving in pregnancy with their wellness.

Author of E-book "5 Keys to Joy Within Birth" You can download that book here for Free!!

What Previous Students Are Saying

"I took Hailey's incredible birth class to prepare for this birth and I cannot recommend it enough!!! She is so Spirit led in how she teaches and reminding me about how beautiful birth can be. Education and mindset are so important in preparing for a natural birth and Hailey hits on it all!"

-Bryson S

"This class helped me so much with my mindset! I felt so empowered and confident at my birth and knew I could have an unmedicated birth even when my doula wasn’t able to make it to my birth as a first time mom!"

-Kristen K

"Hailey brings such a wealth of information, both research and faith based. I am still in awe over my labor and delivery. I have no doubt that I owe a lot of that to her for opening up my mind, helping me to overcome the fear of pain and leaning into what my body was created to do."

-Lindsay L

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 'Skool' Community?

Skool is an online platform that will act as a digital classroom and community. Through the Skool platform you will access Hailey's digital birth library including the Joy Within Birth E-course. The community section of Skool will allow members to interact, connect, ask questions, and encourage one another. The Calendar section of Skool is where you can plan for and access monthly Live Q&A's with Hailey. The Skool application can be accessed from your laptop or you can download the Skool app for your phone. Members have access to the Joy Within Birth Skool Community for 1 year.

How do I access the E-course and Private Community?

After signing up for Joy Within Birth, members will be emailed a registration link for the Joy Within Birth Skool Community. Once your account is created, you will get approved and added to the community right away!

What is the Joy Within Birth E-Course?

The JWB E-course is 8+ hours of Hailey's most valuable pregnancy& birth content in the form of a digital library. The E-course is made up of 7 Modules made up of bite sized training videos so that you can learn at your own pace.

What else is included in the Joy Within Birth Masterclass?

All members of Joy Within birth will receive sample pregnancy meal plans, recipes, birth plan templates, bonus videos, and other birth resources all available via the Skool Community.