The Joy Within Birth Masterclass

With Hailey Joy Aliff

$197.00 $147.00

Here is what you get with this Masterclass:

  • 7 Recorded Trainings approximately 1 hour each

  • All Trainings Available for Replay at Your Convenience

  • Access to the Joy Within Birth Private Facebook Group for 12 months

  • Worksheets, Birth Plan Templates, Pregnancy Meal Plans, Recipes, and more!

What is the Joy Within Birth Masterclass?

The Joy Within Birth Masterclass is 10+ hours of trainings for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. We take a deep dive into Holistic Pregnancy and Birth. I share my most valuable insights and tips on all things pregnancy, birth and beyond. I combine my personal experience having 2 Supernatural Births of my own plus over a Decade of experience as a Doula, midwife apprentice, and childbirth educator. Members of this Masterclass will be added to my PRIVATE Facebook group. This masterclass is on sale for only $147.

Here is what You'll Learn in this Masterclass:

  • Class 1: Nourishing your Body: A Pregnancy Nutrition Course

  • Class 2: Holistic Pregnancy: Activity, Exercise, and Natural Remedies

  • Class 3: Nourishing Your Mind: Mindset Training + Emotional Health and Stress Management

  • Class 4: Joy Within Birth: The Energy, Flow, and Goals for each stage of Labor

  • Class 5: Planning for your Natural Birth: Birth Planning and Interventions

  • Class 6- Joy Within Postpartum: Preparing for the Fourth Trimester

  • Class 7- Nourishing Your Baby: Breastfeeding Workshop with RN, CLC Garen Pido

Hailey Joy Aliff

Certified Doula Instructor

Hailey Aliff is a second-generation birth worker. Attending homebirths as a child, she was drawn to this vocation at a very young age. After getting her bachelor’s degree in Biology, Hailey then graduated midwifery school and launched her doula practice. In 2012 she started Joy Within Birth LLC and began teaching local community natural childbirth classes. Still to this day Hailey educates, empowers, and serves women in this capacity with the mission to help mothers discover joy within childbirth. She is passionate about helping women replace fear with joy in pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Hailey has also served as a health educator and advocate for over a decade and desires to see women thriving in pregnancy with their wellness.

Author of E-book "5 Keys to Joy Within Birth" You can download that book here for Free!!

What My Clients Are Saying

"My mindset on Birth has completely changed after working with Hailey. I am feeling so encouraged! "

-Natalie H

"Hailey has empowered me to view natural birth in a whole new way. I am Excited, Confident, and Prepared for my Birth."

-Chloe B

"After working with Hailey, I am actually excited and looking forward to the Beauty of Childbirth."

-Emily B

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the content?

Each training is available to watch at your own convenience in the Joy Within Birth Private Facebook Group. Members will have access to this Facebook group for 1 year. You will receive an invite to the Facebook group after purchasing.

How long are the trainings?

There are 7 recorded workshops that are 60 - 90 minutes long that you can consume at your own pace.

What else is included in the Joy Within Birth Masterclass?

All members of the Joy Within Masterclass will receive sample pregnancy meal plans, recipes, printable worksheets, birth plan templates, my new Ebook 'The Doula Guide' and more!